Sucden Financial launches MetaTrader4 service to retail FX brokers | Sucden Financial

Sucden Financial launches MetaTrader4 service to retail FX brokers

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sucden Financial launches MetaTrader 4 service to retail FX brokers

Sucden Financial has launched a new service for retail FX brokers, providing the trading, connectivity and post trade services of MetaTrader 4, the leading front end trading system for retail clients.

The arrangement allows Sucden Financial to supply MetaTrader 4 to a wide range of local and regional FX brokers. Preparations are underway for Sucden Financial to service brokers in the Middle East, Far East and Europe.

The service allows brokers to offer geared FX trading to their clients and access, via Sucden Financial, to deeper pools of FX liquidity and wholesale market bid-offer spreads in a fast, transparent and risk managed environment. Initially up to 100 FX pairs may be offered to complement local and regional FX trading preferences. In addition the system offers individual equity and index CFDs and also has a multi-lingual capability, clearly useful for clients using regional brokers.

Technical flexibility includes a provision for brokers to take MetaTrader 4 directly from Sucden Financial or, if they are already equipped with their own ISV/trading software to connect via Sucden Financial’s API (application programming interface). Once connected, brokers will benefit from Sucden Financial’s FX Price Feed Aggregator, which provides users with the best spreads and transaction data available from an array of sources.

Michael Overlander, CEO, Sucden Financial said, “Our provision of MetaTrader 4 allows global retail FX brokers the ability to offer this market leading platform to their end clients, whilst benefiting from Sucden Financial’s access to deep and liquid FX markets and post trade service. This development further complements our existing electronic trading provisions and shows the company’s commitment to meeting the varying electronic trading requirements of institutional clients”.

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