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Deliverable FX

Deliverable FX

Sucden Financial has been providing foreign exchange for physical delivery to a wide variety of international clients for over 30 years.

Clients utilising our deliverable FX service include money service businesses (MSBs), commercial FX providers, corporates needing to hedge their currency risk, and financial institutions looking for the tightest spreads coupled with deep liquidity.

Deliverable Foreign Exchange
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3207  5236

Our Offering:

  • FX liquidity aggregation – deep liquidity with tight price feeds from multiple market participants
  • A full range of currencies including exotics
  • Facilitation of OTC FX options for delivery
  • Voice brokerage and multiple electronic trading solutions, including API connectivity
  • Trade same day, next day and spot online
  • Forward line for up to two years with option to drawdown
  • Same day payments in all major currencies
  • 24-hour trading and support
  • Margins are offset - e.g. buy 10m USD and sell 10m USD with zero margin requirement

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