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Fastmarkets Copper Seminar 2021: The internationalisation of copper trading and the LME discussion paper panel

Watch Sucden Financial's CEO, Marc Bailey and other industry participants, at the 2021 Fastmarkets Copper Seminar debating key points of the LME discussion paper and discussing the internationalisation of copper trading.

Media coverage

The Telegraph: London Metal Exchange traders fear the silencing of the Ring

Sucden Financial's CEO, Marc Bailey, speaks to The Telegraph about the LME's proposals.

Media coverage

TradeTech FX 2021: How is digital transformation in financial services disrupting FX options in order to enhance flexibility and operational efficiencies?

Sucden Financial's Pritesh Head of Options, Origination & Structuring, interviewed at TradeTech FX 2021 on how digital transformation in financial services is disrupting FX options to enhance flexibility and operational efficiencies.

Media coverage

e-Forex: Exploring the benefits of more customised FX liquidity pools

Noel Singh, Head of eFX Business Development at Sucden Financial, speaks to e-Forex magazine on exploring the benefits of more customised FX liquidity pools.

Media coverage


Metals Market Webinar Q2 2021


What’s the outlook for metals? Prices have consolidated gains recently, but sentiment remains buoyant. The US economy is being supported by the vaccination scheme and stimulus, but will Europe catch up?

Coffee Webinar


What factors will help the market sustain the rally? The shortfall in the arabica market will be significant but what about robusta? Demand outlook is poised to surprise to the upside but will investors remain cautious?

The Fastmarkets Copper Seminar


Can copper keep up with rising consumption?


Virtual Event

A buy-side FX conference, for FX trading and portfolio management.