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18 Nov 2015 09:00
The US Federal Reserve publishes minutes from its latest FOMC meeting this evening. At the last meeting, the US Fed reported that the current 0% to 0.25% interest rate target “remains appropriate”. The US dollar index hit a high yesterday at 99.745 despite the recent disappointing US economic data. However, this morning the USD index slid slightly lower in early trade and hovered around 99.50 against a basket of currencies.
22 Oct 2015 09:15
The main focus will turn to the ECB meeting as investors remain cautious awaiting the speech of ECB’s President Mario Draghi regarding market expectations. We do not expect any big surprises coming out of the meeting as it seems unlikely the ECB to introduce further QE into the European economies, partially due to inflation concerns and increasing worries regarding the Eurozone’s economic growth.
21 Sep 2015 08:47
The Greek left-wing party Syriza secured a clear victory -for a second time within a year- and won the snap elections on Sunday. Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras reported that “this victory belongs to the people and those who dream of a better tomorrow and we wll achieve it with hard work”. The euro hovered around 1.13 against the USD this morning.
15 Sep 2015 09:15
Asian equity markets remained under pressure overnight. Market participants will be keeping an eye on today’s release of the ZEW economic survey expectations in Germany and the Eurozone, as well as the Eurozone’s trade balance in July and unemployment data for Q2 2015. In the UK, this morning’s key inflation data will draw investors’ attention.
10 Sep 2015 08:52
The Bank of England announces its latest decision on interest rates, which have been unchanged at 0.5% since March 2009. The Halifax survey showed that house prices increased by 2.7% m/m in August, beating expectations of a more modest increase of 0.5% and showing the biggest monthly increase since May 2014. Sterling slid lower towards 1.5350 against the USD, while the London equity benchmark index retreated nearly 1.0% in early trade this morning, towards 6,170.
09 Sep 2015 08:55
Asian equity markets posted strong gains overnight, as risk appetite increased and market sentiment generally improved. The Nikkei index rebounded from recent losses and spiked over 7.7% (1340 points) towards 18,800, showing its biggest one-day gain since 2008. The Shanghai Composite index gained over 2.2% towards 3243, while the Hang Seng index rallied strongly over 900 points (+4.25%) towards 22,150.
20 Jul 2015 09:03
Precious metal prices remain in negative territory in early trade this morning. Gold retreated sharply to a 5-year low at $1086/ounce early in the session. The yellow precious metal has slightly rebounded and hovered around $1100/ounce.
08 Jul 2015 09:11
The Hang Seng index plunged over 2000 points overnight (-8.2%) towards 22,900 as concerns regarding Chinese’s economic stability weighed on market sentiment, prompting investors to sell-off. China’s Shanghai Composite Index also declined sharply, showing its biggest drop since 2007.
12 Jun 2015 09:06
There is ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Greek debt issues and the continuous negotiations with Greece’s creditors. The last message that was sent to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras last night was “the time for compromise is over”.
03 Jun 2015 15:59
Comments from ECB’s President Mario Draghi spread optimism across European equity markets and prompted a strong rally for the euro which surged above 1.1250 against the USD.
28 May 2015 16:04
The strong rebound in the global equity markets yesterday proved to be short-lived as global equity markets reversed and gave back recent gains today. Investors remain cautious due to growing concerns regarding Greece’s debt crisis, while speculation of a possible earlier than expected US interest rates rise weighs on market sentiment.
14 May 2015 08:46
Crude oil prices gave back yesterday’s gains and slid lower this morning due to some profit taking following the recent strong gains in the oil market. WTI front month futures declines towards $60 per barrel and Brent futures slid lower towards $66 per barrel.
08 May 2015 09:15
Following the latest results, the Conservatives are forecast to win 325 seats in the UK election, enough to form majority. British PM David Cameron said that “it’s clearly a very strong night for the Conservative Party”. Sterling rebounded and surged towards 1.55 against the USD, showing strong upside momentum.
07 May 2015 16:45
It has been a very volatile session for the European equity markets. The London equity benchmark index missed the uptrend and slid lower by 0.60% trading below 6,900 as investors remained cautious ahead of the UK election results.
07 May 2015 09:07
It is UK elections today and sterling has been under pressure against the US dollar, hovering around 1.5200 as investors remain cautious ahead of the results. However, the USD continues to remain under heavy pressure as the USD index has been consolidating around 94.0 against a basket of currencies this morning.
06 May 2015 16:45
The weak USD provided strong support to most commodity prices. Crude oil prices rallied higher for a second consecutive session. The weekly EIA oil inventories report spread optimistic signs in the market after showing an unexpected large decline of 3.88 million barrels in crude oil stocks.
23 Apr 2015 15:47
The disappointing US economic data weighed heavily on market sentiment and added pressure to the US dollar with the USD index falling back towards 97.00 against a basket of currencies.
20 Apr 2015 15:58
Strong corporate earnings results increased risk appetite and improved market sentiment in the first trading session of the week. European equity markets rebounded and posted renewed gains today. In the US, the Dow Jones index recovered and surged over 200 points.
07 Apr 2015 16:34
Global equity markets posted renewed gains in today’s session as risk appetite increased. Crude oil prices continue their strong upside momentum as WTI front month futures spiked above $53 per barrel and Brent futures climbed towards $59 per barrel, posting strong gains for second consecutive trading session.
18 Mar 2015 16:30
The Dow Jones retreated over 100 points (over 0.6%), while the NASDAQ and S&P 500 fell over 0.30% as investors remained cautious ahead of the US Fed meeting decision
17 Feb 2015 16:18
Precious metal prices remained under heavy pressure following rumours of a possible interest rate hike, while market participants are likely to lock in any recent gains ahead of Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.
16 Feb 2015 16:04
As the US markets are closed today for President’s Day, trading volumes were fairly thin. European equity markets retreated amid concerns regarding the Greek debt crisis, while investors remain cautious ahead of any decisions coming out from the Euro-group meeting later today.
12 Feb 2015 08:58
Following an extended Euro-group meeting which lasted 6 hours and amid conflicting briefings, there was confirmation that no agreement has been reached between Greece and the other European leaders.
19 Jan 2015 16:22
European equity markets started the week in the positive side and climbed higher amid expectations that the ECB is likely to announce on Thursday an additional package of sovereign QE bond purchases in order to boost the European economies.
12 Jan 2015 16:01
The sharp sell-off in the oil market continues to dominate global equities and commodity prices. Brent front month futures retreated over 4.4% in today’s trading session heading towards $47 per barrel, while WTI front month futures plunged towards $46 per barrel.
02 Jan 2015 16:26
It has been a fairly volatile trading session for the equity and commodity markets, which are struggling to find direction. In addition, the strong upside rally of the US dollar has added further pressure to the markets as the USD index hit a 9-year high today testing 91.0 against a basket of currencies.
16 Dec 2014 16:15
Russia surprised the global equity and commodity markets today following an announcement that the Russian central bank raised its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5%. The news caused high volatility and nervous conditions across global markets.
09 Dec 2014 08:53
European equity markets remained under pressure extending losses in early trade this morning. German economic data continue to weigh heavily on market sentiment as imports declined sharply 3.1% m/m in October. Brent futures have retreated more than $7 since the beginning of December, extending sharp declines for sixth consecutive trading session.
03 Dec 2014 16:04
Following the delivery of the Autumn Statement by Chancellor George Osborne, the London equity benchmark index came under pressure posting modest declines towards 6,700. Sterling rallied against the USD and broke above the 1.57 level.
26 Nov 2014 08:41
Saudi Arabia oil minister Ali al-Naimi met with officials from Russia, Venezuela and Mexico in Vienna yesterday ahead of the OPEC meeting on Thursday to discuss production cuts. However, the meeting with major non-OPEC oil exporters ended with no deal on curbing production.