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Electric Vehicle and Battery Material Report Q4 2021

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U.S., Europe, and China Policy

World leaders went to COP 26 in Glasgow, and a lot needed to be done. We know the task of decarbonising the world economy is massive, and the world is going through the most significant transition since the industrial revolution. While it is important to remember that these industries will not be able to complete these changes quickly, more can be done from a policy perspective and the industry itself. Government policy is integral to maintaining human development within the Planetary Boundaries outlined by Steffen et al. (2015), evidenced by the change in government policy because of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments that have halted ozone depletion. A prime example of how policy can reduce negative impacts of the industry whilst not impacting human development. There is an increase in pressure on consumers for governments to increase their climate policies; however, while there have been a host of net-zero pledges, governments are struggling to hit near term targets.