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The True Cost of Electric Vehicles - Japan Energy Sector

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The reduction of CO2 emissions using electric vehicles (EVs) is attracting more attention as a countermeasure for global warming. Various countries and international organisations have reported climate change as an important problem, and many have diverted their resources to climate change mitigation, to avoid impacts of global warming of 1.5℃ or above. Japan, as the fifth largest CO2 emitter, pledged to reduce its emissions by 26% by 2030 comparing to 2013. Ultimately by 2050, the country aims to become completely carbon neutral. While these ambitious goals set Japan on the right path towards a 'cleaner' energy future, the long-term strategies demonstrated by the country on multiple occasions outline the government's weak ambition to a complete phase-out of coal-fired power generation, the second biggest contributor to its energy mix. Ultimately, we believe that most of the changes will come from demographical and structural changes and changing preferences to transportation could see a decline in internal combustion engine (ICE) use.