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Our Values

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Creating opportunities

Sucden Financial is a business guided by, and built on, its values. We recognise that to earn the trust of our clients, we must first generate trust and mutual respect amongst each other.

As a team, we share our challenges, successes and ambitions; we are united as ‘opportunity engineers’ – not just seizing opportunities, but creating and realising them. Our culture reflects the importance of responsibility and taking ownership of results. With our experienced, knowledgeable and determined workforce, we are ideally equipped to maximise the potential of dynamic markets, technology and trading environments.

Our three values define the standards and behaviour of our staff and working practices:


Act with integrity and respect

  • We put honesty and openness at the heart of everything Sucden Financial does.
  • We encourage personal initiative and responsible risk taking.
  • We always aim to ensure responsible, commendable behaviour.

Build valued client relationships through opportunity-engineering, innovation and trust

  • We ensure our clients’ best interests are central to our decision-making.
  • We commit to technological, product and service developments that will benefit our clients, as well as our company.

Commit to responsibility and accountability

  • We foster a culture and working environment where employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions, using their initiative to make decisions.
  • We stand by employees and agents who speak up if they witness questionable or unethical conduct by others, knowing they can do so without fear of reprisal or adverse consequences.