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Proprietary trading and risk system

Our STAR trading system, developed in-house, is available exclusively for clients and internal execution desks trading futures and options. The platform connects with many of the world's key exchanges, including CME, ICE and the London Metal Exchange, with its unique prompt-date structure.

Built with users in mind

We continuously update and enhance STAR, based on feedback from our execution teams and clients - so it is built with user experience in mind, and offers a customisable interface with advanced features and risk controls. Stability is key to STAR’s success, and it is built using high-availability clusters across multiple data centres, optimised for data compression and uses its own high-speed communication lines. If hardware, data centre or communication lines fail, a trader’s system will be protected.

Who uses STAR?

A broad spectrum of our global clients, including brokers, proprietary trading houses and hedge funds, as well as our internal execution desks. It's all backed by our 24-hour trade support experts, providing rapid telephone and email response.

Key features

  • User-friendly customisable interface
  • Multiple order types
  • Fully integrated shared order book and risk management
  • Calendar-spread matrix with implied pricing
  • Exchange-native strategy creator
  • Synthetic strategy creator with dynamic spreading
  • Integrated option calculator
  • White-labelling opportunities

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