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Quarterly Metals Report

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In-depth analysis and price forecasts for base, precious and ferrous metals

Our quarterly metals report provides expert analysis and price forecasts for base, precious and ferrous metals, providing metal industry participants with actionable insights.

This in-depth report includes reviews of the macroeconomic environment and outlook for the global economy, central bank activity, analysis of manufacturing PMIs and geo-political influences.

Report highlights are also presented at our quarterly metal market webinars by our research team and an expert from our industrial commodities team, providing broker insights.

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Quarterly Metals Report – Q4 2022

Our latest Quarterly Metals report looks at currency risk in Europe and continuing low liquidity in the market. Can China restart its economy following the 20th Party Congress, and will it amend its Covid policy?

The macroeconomic outlook is deteriorating, and in our view, Europe and the UK are in recession already, and the US will be six months behind. Higher interest rates, in conjunction with elevated energy and electricity prices, are squeezing households’ disposable income, and new mortgage rates are considerably higher and are now a fixed cost to the consumer.

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