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Monthly FX Outlook

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Expert in-depth currency insights

Our monthly FX report provides commentary and analysis on major currency pairs, including a macroeconomic overview from our research team and unique insights and trading strategies from our FX desk. In addition, the report includes technical analysis of key currency pairs.

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Monthly FX Outlook – Mexican Peso Focus

As attention focuses on major economies' central banks for signs of the onset of monetary easing, significant activity is unfolding in Central Europe, where policymakers have already begun to lower borrowing costs. These shifts in monetary policy are mirrored in currency fluctuations against the euro, with the Polish Zloty (PLN) emerging as the top performer against the euro over the past six weeks. Meanwhile, the Czech Koruna (CZK) and Hungarian Forint (HUF) have been among the weakest. With market forecasts anticipating the European Central Bank's initial interest rate reduction in June, what does the next month hold for the currencies of the Visegrad Group countries?

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