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Base Metals

Specialised servicing and risk management

We execute and clear a significant proportion of the market activity on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the world's largest non-ferrous metals exchange. We also provide direct access to the CME’s base metal futures and options contracts, on its COMEX exchange. We provide base metals services for producers, consumers, fabricators and traders, brokers, financial institutions, hedge funds and investors in the commodity futures and options markets.

Our services

  • LME and COMEX execution and clearing
  • Direct electronic trading solutions
  • Ring trading and commentaries
  • Real-time access to spreads and spread quotes
  • Expert hedging and risk-management assistance
  • LME options liquidity and modelling
  • Average pricing
  • Warrant trading
SF LME Floor B1165

LME Floor

Our LME membership

We are one of only nine category-one members of the London Metal Exchange (LME). It's a unique market which, since 1877, has provided producers and consumers of metal with the ability to hedge their risk against rising or falling prices, as well as acting as a physical market of last resort. While most major markets have migrated fully to electronic trading, category-one members at the LME have the right to trade by open outcry. This face-to-face interaction helps manage the complexity of the contracts, providing both liquidity and transparency. Our membership also provides access to the inter-office telephone market between LME members, and direct access to LMEselect, the exchange’s electronic trading system.

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Industrial Commodities

The team provides both voice and electronic futures and options execution and clearing for clients trading metals and other industrial commodities, including energy. They also provide services for softs and agriculturals, FX and other financial markets.

The team works for producers, consumers, fabricators and traders, financial institutions and hedge funds, as well as investors in the commodity futures and options markets. Skills and experience range from open-outcry trading floors, commodity brokerages and banks, to operations and support roles. Given the nature and complexity of the markets, particularly the London Metal Exchange (LME), the desk provides additional liquidity, also enhanced by direct access to our ring team.

With the extraordinary industrial and financial market growth in China and surrounding regions, we have expanded our footprint in Asia. Today we have arguably the largest team of Chinese-speaking LME specialists in London, supported by experts at our Hong Kong subsidiary, ensuring round-the-clock support and essential local knowledge. We now serve a wide range of clients with differing needs, from those looking to fix and protect against commodity price risks, to financial institutions looking to access a wide range of financial instruments.

LME Floor

We are one of just nine category-one members of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and have had a ring trading team for over 25 years – our category-one membership gives us the right to trade on this unique open-outcry market. Our team is one of the largest and most respected, executing a significant proportion of market activity. Our traders, brokers and clerks spend their morning at our office before heading to the exchange’s modern trading floor in Finsbury Square.

Fund Services

The Fund Services team is made up of seasoned market professionals with decades of expertise that will help you navigate and understand the array of products and services available.

We provide specialist access to over 20 exchanges covering listed financial, equity, commodity and FX futures and options, as well as access to cash fixed income and OTC FX. Offering both electronic (FIX) API and voice-execution solutions, we provide trade assistance and liquidity sourcing for an extensive range of markets through a single access point.

Daily Report Base Metals

Daily market commentary on LME aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc.

Quarterly Metals Report – Q2 2021

Metal prices have rallied so far in 2021, in line with improving economic data and risk appetite, largely due to improving vaccination rates across the globe. Europe was slow to roll out vaccines, and as a result, has seen lower economic growth and weaker metals demand. However, the disconnect between supply and demand is set to continue in the near term as supply struggles to keep up. The global chip shortage is having an impact on the auto market, and there is no quick fix to this problem. Physical traders in China are reluctant to pay the high prices, but the fund community remain heavily involved. We expect metal prices to remain supported in Q2, but we are seeing early signs that supply is responding, but this will be more of a factor in H2 2021.

FX Monthly Report June 2021

Monthly commentary covering the FX markets, providing insights on recent developments on select currency pairs. Precious metals are the focus of this month's FX Monthly report. The report includes a macroeconomic overview as well as desk comments and technical analysis on key currency pairs.