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Deliverable FX

Extensive product offering

We provide an extensive deliverable product offering, with same-day payments, together with forward FX hedges, flexi-forwards, and time options, covering a comprehensive spectrum of currency pairs. You can control how and when you execute transactions through market, limit or stop loss orders by voice or through one of our electronic solutions, all with highly competitive pricing. In addition, our 24-hour service and your own account manager mean you can manage your FX risk at any time of day.

Any size of transaction

Our trading and support teams have extensive experience providing liquidity and physical settlement for money services businesses (MSBs) and payment service providers (PSPs).

If you wish to manage your FX exposure as part of your commodities strategy, need to protect committed cash flows in a foreign currency, or facilitate large corporate transactions, we can help. We can deal with any size of transaction - from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions.

Our deliverable FX services

  • Multiple daily payment runs, ensuring efficient delivery of client funds
  • Low-margin collateral requirements on both spot and forward contracts
  • Forward margins are offset between different value dates - e.g. buy 10m USD and sell 10m USD with no margin requirement
  • Lean operational integration with numerous reporting solutions
  • Intuitive online platform - trade all broken dates from same-day to 2-year forwards and swaps
  • API and GUI connectivity solutions

Deliverable FX team

The Deliverable FX team has built on our established banking relationships and infrastructure to provide an efficient, trusted service, with tight pricing and personal service, to MSBs, PSPs and corporate clients. You can execute through voice, API, or on a dedicated electronic platform.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3207 5236

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