Your non-bank eFX partner

We provide customised eFX solutions to a wide variety of global institutions, including banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and retail brokers. We offer superior liquidity through our relationships with top-tier banks, regional specialists and select non-banks who offer a true risk price. Our scale and position in the markets means we can offer individually tailored competitive pricing, minimising your trading costs. 

Our services

  • Spot FX and PM
  • Forwards
  • NDFs
  • Swaps
  • Spot energy contracts
  • Alternative credit solutions

FX Global Code

Sucden Financial is committed to the FX Global Code and the Global Precious Metals Code.



We have a broad product offering including FX and precious metals spot, forwards, NDFs and swaps and spot energy contracts.

  • Your trusted partner - through a riskless principal trading model that ensures we are fully aligned with your interests
  • Rigorously selected market maker relationships - working only with top tier banks, regional specialists and select non-banks who offer a true risk price
  • Bespoke liquidity provision – we create and manage custom liquidity pools for each client, and aim to complement existing sources by providing price discovery and transparency
  • Minimising trading costs - our size, multi-asset capability and position in the financial markets ensures our access to best-in-class liquidity and competitive pricing
  • Low-market-impact execution - through our carefully curated liquidity

  • Optimising fill rates – using independent analytics provider FairXchange, we work with all clients to optimise their fill rate, resulting in an average of over 95%


  • Market-leading technology options - connectivity to over 20 FX platforms (GUI and APIs) including semi-disclosed pricing through ECN central limit order books. Agile technology to support flexible and mobile methods of execution
  • Execution alternatives - supporting both full amount and sweepable streams
  • Flexibility of access - through direct bilateral credit, margin or prime broker credit options
  • Global reach - LD4, NY4 and TY3 data centres offer ultra-low latency access to your custom liquidity pool
  • Outstanding service - round the clock support from our specialists in London and Hong Kong


Alternative credit solutions, including third-party credit intermediation, direct ECN access and FX clearing

eFX Team

Over the last ten years, our eFX team has augmented the firm’s established infrastructure and long-term counterparty relationships, to create award-winning e-FX liquidity solutions. The team specialises in providing bespoke access and technology solutions for aggregated FX spot, forwards, swaps and bullion liquidity. They also provide access to ECNs, third-party credit intermediation and FX clearing. Our experts regularly provide opinion at industry conferences and trade publications, and are actively involved in training and events with the ACI, the leading FX Financial Markets Association.

Technology Partners

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Weekly Report FX Options

Commentary and analysis covering OTC currency option pricing, volatility and positioning.

FX Monthly Report June 2021

Monthly commentary covering the FX markets, providing insights on recent developments on select currency pairs. Precious metals are the focus of this month's FX Monthly report. The report includes a macroeconomic overview as well as desk comments and technical analysis on key currency pairs.

Daily Report FX

A morning report covering fundamentals and technicals for USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and CHF.

Quarterly Metals Report – Q3 2021

COVID cases are rising across the globe as the delta variant spreads, this is causing some nervousness in financial markets, especially with the higher inflation rhetoric. Commodity prices have fallen since the Fed changed their tune inflation, the dollar has stabilised which has also been a headwind to prices. The summer months are traditionally quieter for metals demand which could prompt metals to consolidate. If the delta variant continues to spread, we may see higher levels of stimulus for longer. As things stand stimulus levels are set to be tapered and this could be brought forward if inflation remains high. We expect markets to remain volatile but on lower volume through the summer months.