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  2. FOW presents: The European Derivatives Conference

FOW presents: The European Derivatives Conference

Virtual Event

The event brings together industry members to hear from thought leaders covering everything from derivatives markets amidst COVID-19, the future exchange landscape, Asian futures markets, ESG to commodities of the future.

Our Head of Research Geordie Wilkes is participating in the Commodities of the future - entering the "supercycle" panel:

  • From oil to energy trading, what is the future for commodities; will it be a trickle before it becomes an avalanche?
  • Exploring the appetite for green bond and new renewable commodities.
  • As water futures commence trading amid growing fears of scarcity, should the market be cautious?
  • As EEX turns to the Japanese market, where will they go next? Will more platforms follow?
  • Examining the impact of markets in Financial Instruments Directive on energy trading, agricultural & soft markets
  • A review of ESG in commodities and the growing hunger for clean assets.