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LME Metals Seminar 2021

Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London & Online

LME Week is back, and as a leading Category 1 member, we are proud to be sponsoring the exchange's flagship event, the LME Metals Seminar. This year key stakeholders from across the metals industry will join for an in-person and online conference.

Key topics will include sustainability, geopolitical issues, and the usual supply/demand dynamics predictions for the year ahead. The keynote speaker will be Hilde Merete Aasheim, President and CEO of Hydro. 

Sucden Financial's Head of Research, Geordie Wilkes, is joining The Green Revolution Paradox panel at 14:00. This will address some of key questions for metals and its mining industry, considered essential to support the 'green revolution'.

  • Can “green technology” be considered green, if it depends on materials which have not been produced sustainably?
  • What work has the mining industry already done to address these issues, and what more does it need to do to change its reputation? What is the tipping point at which mining can be considered sustainable?
  • Why are some countries lobbying against the mining industry?
  • How much does the ‘green revolution’ rely on mining - is it possible to meet this demand?
  • What infrastructure and technology are required for a sustainable planet?

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