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  2. Sucden Financial introduces large size trading in gold
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Sucden Financial introduces large size trading in gold

Sucden Financial has introduced a new specialist spot gold feed to facilitate institutional clients who are looking to trade or hedge large sizes. This will be offered in conjunction with the tight top-of-book price feed currently offered to retail brokers.

This latest offering from Sucden Financial’s E-FX division, capitalising on the organisation’s experience and expertise in commodities, enables clients to have access to up to 25,000 ounces or 250 lots of spot gold.

Jonathan Brewer, Head of E-FX Business Development at Sucden Financial comments, “This is a great example of how we have been able to further differentiate our FX business by capitalising on our 40 years’ experience as a commodities specialist. We believe that our new feed represents the best gold offering amongst our peers and is reflective not only of our commodities heritage, but also our strong capitalisation relative to our competitors in this field.

Initially, we expanded our gold liquidity to meet the specific needs of one of our clients, a well-known participant in the gold market. We have now added this to our portfolio and are able to offer spot bullion in large ticket sizes within our electronic FX business. It will be of particular interest in the Far East, where precious metals are popular and Sucden Financial is an established name.”

Sucden Financial’s E-FX division provides competitively priced liquidity across a selection of industry leading platforms.

For institutional clients requiring the latest cutting-edge technology to access the retail FX market, Sucden Financial also offers a full suite of 100% STP/ECN retail and professional trading platforms and API connectivity.