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Sucden Financial Organisational Changes

Sucden Financial’s CEO Michael Overlander and Deputy CEO Marc Bailey will build on their strong and established partnership to strengthen the firm’s corporate governance, in the long term interests of further developing and expanding its services.

Overlander will move from his current role to the role of Non-Executive Chairman and Bailey will become Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 1 January 2020.

As Non-Executive Chairman, Overlander will hold responsibility for the effective performance of the board. In addition, he will continue to manage some key client and exchange relationships, most notably involving the London Metal Exchange.

As Chief Executive Officer, Bailey will be responsible to the chair and the board, for the leadership and delivery of the company’s growth-strategy, for existing and new business areas.

Strong corporate governance is at the heart of long-term sustainable success for any company, particularly within financial services. These changes will help ensure Sucden Financial’s continued stability and growth.