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Iron Ore & Steel Outlook

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Expert iron ore and steel market insights

Our quarterly iron ore and steel outlook is published in our Quarterly Metals Report, which covers base, precious and ferrous metals. The impact of supply and demand fundamentals and macroeconomic implications for the iron ore and steel futures and spot prices are analysed. Our research team produce iron ore and steel price range forecasts as part of the report.

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Iron Ore & Steel Outlook – Q4 2022

Steel utilisation rates and average daily output in China ticked higher towards the end of September, but plant and social inventory are low and will fall even further into year-end. However, stocks are at much lower levels than in previous years, leading to material tightness and cap losses. Seaborne iron ore premiums will improve in the coming months, as lump premiums have done as iron ore imports rise ahead of restocking. Steel-intensive industries remain in negative growth, which will stay in the coming months, especially after the no-change to zero-Covid policy. Domestic mining of iron ore is set to improve in the long run to reduce China’s reliance on imported material, soft consumption will lead to lower iron ore prices...

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