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Aluminium Outlook

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Expert aluminium market insights

Our quarterly aluminium outlook is published in our Quarterly Metals Report, which covers base, precious and ferrous metals. The impact of supply and demand fundamentals, including LME and SHFE stocks and macroeconomic implications for the aluminium futures and spot prices are analysed. Our research team produce an aluminium price range forecast as part of the report.

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Aluminium Outlook – Q4 2022

Aluminium, in line with the broad basket of metals, continued to decline in Q3 on the back of continued weakness coming from China. Given aluminium’s energy-intensive nature, the metal saw some spikes on the back of energy price volatility, but the overall trend of slowing demand in China and global has prevailed, driving the metal lower. In October, we saw a new bound of volatility following the LME’s decision to potentially ban some of the Russian material. The impact of the news has been marginal, as the demand story continues to drive the sentiment...


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