Tin Outlook

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Expert tin market insights

Our quarterly tin outlook is published in our Quarterly Metals Report, which covers base, precious and ferrous metals. The impact of supply and demand fundamentals and macroeconomic implications for the tin futures and spot prices are analysed. Our research team produce a tin price range forecast as part of the report.

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Tin Outlook – Q2 2023

Tin prices were better supported than the rest of the complex, given the news of Myanmar shutting down operations. This, coupled with the ban on tin ingot from Indonesia is set to weigh on mined output in summer months, and we do not expect participants to find replacement fast enough or at a sufficient scale to offset losses from key producers. As a result, China is poised to front-load on shipments ahead of the ban. For Q2'23, tin outlook are delicately balanced between fragile demand, especially from soldering and semiconductor perspective, and stuttering supply...

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