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Our research team and experienced brokers produce regular commentary and analysis, providing market insights across metals, EV and battery materials, currencies, and soft commodities.

Market Insights

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Metals Outlook

We produce two regular metal outlook reports. Our daily base metals analysis concentrates on the daily LME trading activity and any macroeconomic impacts and trends. Our benchmark Quarterly Metals Report provides an in-depth analysis of the base, precious, and ferrous metal markets and includes our outlook per metal for the months ahead.

Our metal market outlook reports leverage our expertise and position within the metals markets. As a Category 1 member of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and as a member of COMEX and the London Bullion Market Association, we execute and clear a significant proportion of market activity.

FX Outlook

As an established market participant in foreign exchange, we supply liquidity and a full range of FX services to various global institutions. Our research team and experienced traders and brokers leverage their insights and expertise to produce practical and unique currency outlooks covering a wide range of FX pairs. Our regular FX insights include a monthly FX outlook and daily FX analysis, with currency commentary and key technical levels.

EV & Battery Materials Outlook

The suite of reports looks at how the global automobile market is changing as vehicle manufacturers look to transition to a more environmentally friendly fleet of autos.

Our analysts outline how prepared the energy markets in the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe are to aid this transition. Electric vehicles go a long way to reduce GHG emissions in the auto market - when you factor in the lifecycle of batteries, EVs are a lot greener. However, these reports also assess the energy mix in these regions and outline what governments are doing to promote renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels. Finally, using the energy mix, we provide emission analysis for different EVs compared to ICE vehicles in that country.

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